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Theo and Maria welcome you to the famous Sofia’s Taverna where you can enjoy tasty Karpathian food on a friendly, family atmosphere.

In 1978 my father, Vasilis, built the first tavern here on Kyra Panagia and with my mother, Sofia, they opened and ran it for 25 years with the name Paradise Taverna and Rooms. So I grew up here on this wonderful environment.

In the early days there was no electricity or telephone and the road down was rocky and dangerous, but many people returned every year to enjoy the beautiful beach, the peace and the wonderful food. When Maria and I took over from my parents 10 years ago we modernized and expanded the taverna to accommodate the increase in visitors to Kyra Panagia. We continue the same traditions and cook everything fresh. I also fish with my own boat and there is often fresh seafood such as Karpathian shrimps, octopus, calamari and fresh fish.

So, relax and enjoy our food and hospitality.
All these years we have created unique relationships with many of our guests that come again and again to our beautiful island of Karpathos and within the first things that they do is to visit again the oldest Traditional Taverna at Kyra Panagia. Even you are passing by our area, it deserves to try our delicacies.Our guests can also try fresh fish whenever they want as we do have our own fishing boat to provide it every day!
For a closer look at our menu please visit the links bellow to view or download few specialties from our menu.
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